Ecoled GR600

The All in One Horticulture Led Light 
with FAR RED 730 nM
Made by Ecoled Systems
SHOP NU: 999,-

Built-in Powerlamp Driver

Unique to our panels is the built-in Diver module. Where other panels consist of separate parts, the GR600 works completely as a self-functioning All-in-one lighting solution.

Ecoled Controller

The new and advanced Ecoled Controller can manage up to 200 luminaires! Full control over time! Connect up to 200 lamps on 1 controller

Welcome to Ecoled Horticultural Lightning

For more than 10 years we have been inventing, testing and developing THE MOST EFFICIENT LIGHTING SOLUTIONS.
And with our latest product, the Ecoled GR600, we have the most advanced All-in-one LED panels in house.

With the well-known FAR RED technology and high efficiency for both the hobby gardener and the strawberry &
vegetable grower on a large scale. With our unique Ecoled Controller it is possible to connect up to 200 panels.

EcoLed ShowCase

Watch our promo video of the EcoLed GR600,
this gives you a good idea of ​​the high efficiency
from our top model!
Science and field experience have been combined with professionalism to develop the all-in-one GR600 that is suitable for any environment and project size, with incredible results every time.
Precise build quality, the highest testing standards and a 5-year warranty guarantee your return on investment and the lifetime of optimum performance you expect.
World-class efficiency and performance provide many types of growers with professional and extremely scalable capabilities for one
                              finally affordable price.

What are the Real-World Benefits of Far-Red?

Speed-up Transition from Vegetative Growth to Flowering
Increase the Size of Flowers
Promote the Production of Terpenes and Essential Oils
Boost Overall Photosynthetic Efficiency


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wij staan ​​24/7 voor u klaar.
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