At ECOLED SYSTEMS, we are proud of the fact that we offer top brands where you are assured that it works well! When you order from us, ecoled systems' warranty is automatically included in the price. In addition, we assure you that the products in our range meet the legal requirements regarding usability, reliability and longevity. The warranty period depends on the product you choose. This can vary from 1 to 5 years at ECOLED SYSTEMS.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty covers both hidden defects and technical defects of the product that occurred before delivery. After delivery, the products should be used under normal conditions. Furthermore, there are a number of other conditions regarding the use of the products:
- You should use the product as advised on our website, the box and the manual.
- For LED products, the ambient temperature should be between -20°C and +30°C.
- For LED fluorescent tubes and all other tubes, the ambient temperature should be between -30°C and +45°C.
- The humidity should be below 80%.
- There should be 10mm space around the lamp/fixture.
- The product may be switched on and off up to 50,000 times.
- The voltage should not deviate more than 10% from 230V.

What is not included in the warranty?

ECOLED SYSTEMS does not compensate for costs incurred by replacing the light source or fixture. You can think of working hours or renting a platform.

How do I use the warranty?

If a product, defect, error or incomplete, you have the right to request a replacement product, repair or refund of the amount paid. You simply need to send an email to info@ECOLED SYSTEMS.nl with a copy of your invoice or order number. Always remember to add photos of the defective product with a description of the problem and the desired solution.

Did your product break during transport?

Although we always do everything we can to deliver your products safely, unfortunately something can go wrong during transport. We then recommend that you ring the bell as soon as possible by, for example, a return request .


Elk probleem wordt snel en efficiënt afgehandeld door ons klantenserviceteam. Of het nu gaat om technisch advies, distributie of een ander verzoek, 
wij staan ​​24/7 voor u klaar.
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